For a good part of my life other media were my preferred mode of expression but since 1989
I have worked almost exclusively in the quilt medium. It is for me a metaphor for making the best of life, of the cards one is dealt.  Sometimes my piecing of yardage can be very deliberate; other times it just happens. Color schemes suggested by extraneous experiences are often changed by the presence of a new piece of fabric, or by one previously relegated to a corner pile, or just because I wish to see something in a different presentation. This type of work reflects my notions of appreciating the chance encounter, embracing diversity, tolerating the juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated textures. I like to think that I live the examined life and that I revise my choices for the best quilted outcome.

I believe that one of the gifts of being a creative person is that, if reality is not what I wish it were, I can imagine and then create an artistic reality that suits my wishes.  Sometimes what results is wishful thinking, a suggestion, a memory and then, other times, a soft protest. More often than not they also reflect my love for graphics.

All my quilts reflect loves and interests, past and present. I work on registering quiet visual moments, exploring memories of my travels, of cities, villages, gardens and beaches I walked through with curiosity, delight and often awe. At times these memories are aided by photos I have taken. Other times I just try to find the essential. On occasion I just make things up. They are all episodes of a longer story, the creative journey from my mother’s sewing room to my studio.

And then there are the other textile works such as fabric collages and fabric bowls. They reflect my love for sketching which I now do directly with fabric rather than a pencil or pen.  Of late
I am getting a lot of fulfillment in the teaching small groups of students in my studio. As
I continue to develop my own voice, I try to help them find their own.